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Cookie Policy

Cookies from Google, Linkedin, and One are used on this website ( to track usage and enhance user experience. On your computer or mobile device, a website may ask your browser to retain a little amount of data called a cookie. The cookie enables the website to keep track of your preferences or past actions.

Legal Notices

Legal Warning

This website's contents were carefully researched and written to the best of the author's knowledge. Only if we become aware of a specific legal violation may we as a Telemedia provider be held accountable for external material. The external websites' contents that we link to directly or indirectly (through "hyperlinks" or "deep links") are not under our control and are not taken on as our own. We were unaware of any unlawful actions taking place on these web pages at the time the links were posted.

​We dissociate ourselves from all connected website contents that have been modified since the links were established because we have no control over their contents. Only the owner of the linked websites can be held liable for any content on those websites, and in particular for any damages that may arise from using them. We will remove the relevant links if we learn that these connected websites contain illegal content. Copyright regulations apply to the entire content of this. The individual rights of the respective owner of copyright or supervisor of these rights apply to the use, duplication, and other uses.


Please be aware that not all internet data exchanges are completely secure (e.g. when communicating via e-mail). Data cannot be totally secured against unauthorized access. Only under the aforementioned limitations is confidentiality guaranteed in accordance with data protection laws. If a third party has not given his or her approval in recognition of the aforementioned security flaws, then no notices disseminating personal data via the internet should be made that might damage those rights. For claims of damages or injunctive relief resulting from such security flaws, the website operator is not responsible. We are against third parties using the publicly available contact information to send unsolicited advertisements. The owners of the site expressly reserve the right to take legal action if spam emails or other unauthorized promotional material is received.

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