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Other Services 

Considering our team experience, arKap provides customer support with additional services to support extraordinary decisions in crucial moments of change in your company

Debt & Equity Raising 

We identify the best financial structure suited to the needs of its customers, which it supports in the management activities on debt and venture capital markets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As a natural consequence of management consulting activities and thanks to the knowledge of financial investors and arKap is able to support customers in the execution of extraordinary operations.

Fairness Opinions & Companies' Evaluation 

We offer an unbiased perspective
counterparties in acquisitions, takeovers and mergers in measuring the fair value of the companies involved.

Market Analysis

 We are able to perform a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market, evaluating your business's target market and competitive landscape within a specific sector. 

Corporate Restructuring

We guarantee experience and know-how at the managerial & operational perspective that in terms of assets and finances, aimed at maximizing the value of the company in long-term.

People & Head Hunting

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